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Pool swim app with improved compatibility with other swim watches


I have just released v4.6 of Pool Swim app.

This is a summary of the changes in this version:

  • Stroke rate takes now into account only the arm wearing the watch. This is done for compatibility with other Garmin watches such as the Garmin swim. As a consequence of this, stroke rate is divided by two when compared with v4.5
  • The app keeps on recording during pauses now. This is mainly done for compatibility with the Garmin watch. Besides, if you have a FR235 or if you are wearing an optical heart rate monitor, it can be handy to record your heart rate during rest intervals to check offline how you were recovering
  • I have implemented the field “intensity”. The field has two values, active and rest. Rest intensity will be used during pauses. This field is only recognized by 3rd party sites supporting Fit2 (remember that Garmin Connect does not actually support it. Therefore, you will not find this information there). One site supporting this is

  • The summary window (the window you see during pauses) is showing now time of day. Many people had requested this.
  • I have modified the heading chart. It is not showing the angle in radians anymore, but the sine. This is just a cosmetic change.

Feel free to use the comment section below to ask any questions. Remember that you don’t need to create a Disqus account in order to comment: just write your comment, click on the “Name” field below, and the option “I’d rather post as a guest” will pop up.

Happy swimming! Cheerio

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