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Garmin ConnectIQ Pool Swim App

Track your pool swimming activities with your Garmin FR230, FR235 and FR630

Pool swim is a ConnectIQ app for the Garmin FR230, FR235 and FR630.


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My previous running watch was a Suunto ambit2s. I used to combine the running watch with a Pebble smartwatch which I used as my day-to-day watch.

But, the Pebble stopped working, and, feeling that the ambit was more watch that I needed (I am just a recreational runner), I got rid of it and bought a Garmin FR230 to fullfill both needs. Besides I am a tech geek and ConnectIQ platform was appealing.

Then this year I have begun to swim… and given the lack of swim support of the FR230, I found the perfect excuse to write my first ConnectIQ app.

The app provides support for FR230, FR235 and FR630. These are watches meant for runners. Therefore, Garmin did not include the swim pool mode.

you can find the user guide here . I know user guides are no fun. But I really recommend you to take a look. Most of the answers users have asked me since I released the apps are answered there.

In this new post I have described how to buttons work for the FR630 after v4.2. I disabled the touch screen for better usability. And here you learn how to deal with imperial metrics. You wonder why distance is 0 in garmin connect? Read this.

Just in case you don’t read the user guide, just a couple of hints:

  • the app, unlike most of you think, does not work on accelerometers. it works on the compass.
  • For proper function, the app needs to figure out your pool’s orientation. This happens during the first 10 seconds of the activity. Please do not press start if you are not going to swim inmmediately. Just saying.
  • When you have a short break, press stop to pause the activity (f.i. when resting, adjusting goggles, …). Otherwise it is likely that the compass will eventually trigger a lap.
  • The app tracks heart rate. This is something no very common out there. For the FR235 obviously the optical HRM is being used. For FR230 and FRE630 you need an optical HRM. I am using Scosche Rhythm+. I wear it around the wrist, close to the watch, and i am very happy with it.

Feel free to use the comment section below to ask any questions. Remember that you don’t need to create a Disqus account in order to comment: just write your comment, click on the “Name” field below, and the option “I’d rather post as a guest” will pop up.

Happy swimming, Cheerio!

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